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5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online exam

Are you preparing for AIIMS Exam, All India Institute of Medical Sciences? AIIMS has 6 other institutes apart from AIIMS, Delhi. Having 672 seats in total; with only, 72 seats for AIIMS, Delhi. Every year thousands of students give this exam to get enrol in AIIMS, making it one of the toughest entrance exam. AIIMS is conducting its online exam for the first time. Its mode of examination is changed and now you have to change accordingly. Only one month is left and you have a mountain of topics to revise and practice. This time, focus on online test series to target your; AIIMS, aim and these tips and tricks will help you to achieve it. Out the thousands of students sitting in the exam, only few clear it. It is not that they are extra intelligent, but they do their planning well.

We are sharing some amazing, 5 tips and tricks to crack AIIMS online exam; which will lead you to your AIIMS seat.


5 Tips and tricks to crack AIIMS online exam -


1. Prepare a time table

5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online exam

Preparing and scheduling your time will protect you from time wasting or extra devotion to only one subject. So, make a time table, divide equal time for each subject, to avoid mastering in only one and leaving others aside. Time table saves your time, so that you can find time for your fun activites. So, do not overload it by excess of study and refresh it and make space for more and better results.


2. Go through Chapter wise solution


5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online exam

Now, it is high time and you have to solve more questions than revising and learning chapters. Solve previous year questions, chapter wise; to know the type of question asked from the chapters. You can practice your weak topic questions and improve it. In this, MTG learning AIIMS chapter wise” question bank containing previous year solutions can help you overcome, your doubts and problems.




5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online exam3. Solve previous year Test Papers

Solving test papers gives you the idea about pattern of exam. You can use “MTG learning AIIMS explorer”, having 21 year previous papers and 10 extra model test papers to give expertise to you, in AIIMS exam questions. These prevoius year question paper solving help you to understand the exam well and improve in your problems and will clear doubt about the exam question type.


4. Practice assertion and reasoning


5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online examThese simple looking question can give you negative markings in AIIMS exam. Practice them very well using MTG learning "assertion and reasoning question bank". They are present in chapter wise form and in total thousands in number. If mastered they can take you high in the score. Assertion and reasoning will then become your strong points, not just in this AIIMS exam but also for the other exams too.



5 Tips and Tricks to Crack AIIMS online exam

5. Don't forget to enrol yourself in online test series

Online test series is a most important part of your preparation. This will not only gives you a data of important question papers but also tells you to manage your time during the main exam. So that you can complete it within the fixed time and do not end up with missed questions; asking for more time. Online test series also helps you to analyse your performance and creates more space of improvement. As exams are online this time, online test series is the most recommended way to practice for this AIIMS exam.

MTG has launched its "rank indicator online test series for AIIMS" containing 5 online test series with rewards for scoring students.

5. GK questions-though not very important but helps in raising your rank in overall percentage

One of the most important part which scares students in AIIMS entrance exam is Genraral Knowledge questions. To overcome this fear we suggest students to study read newspapers daily, watch news once in a day, read some GK books in intervals. This seems to be a little tough when you are already running short of time. So, the short cut for this is General Knowledge for AIIMS Exams. A book specially made considering the pattern and type of 20 questions that comes in exam. This books is quite good as it contains english, GK and some logical reasoning question based on the pattern that has reacently been introduced on AIIMS.

Plan it well and join the online test series of MTG to make a place for yourself in one of the seats in AIIMS.
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