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Dewdrops on Ice
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Dewdrops on Ice


125 INR
    ISBN: 9789386634184
    Author: Hrishika Awasthi
    Edition: 2017-18
    Pages: 80
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Product Description

“Dewdrops On Ice” is Hrishika Awasthi’s debut poetry collection and the words are emotions and feelings from the poet’s heart to the reader’s hearts. The book takes you through an array of emotions like love, lust, heartbreak, violence, grief, strength and so on, thus taking the readers through a journey of life, reading and experiencing what the poet feels. The book follows a theme where, with each passing season, emotions too begin to change.
The book begins with “Autumn”, a season where leaves shed, and that’s where the emotions of sadness and gloom enter followed by the “Winter”, bringing with it harsh cold, synonymous with our feelings of hopelessness and devastation.
Then comes the “Spring” of hope when the nature rejuvenates itself and humans also become hopeful after all the tragedies. Finally, the happiest of all seasons, the “Summer” enters, bringing with it joy where people feel the blessings of the sunshine and are happy.

 People from all walks of life, whether young or old, will find solace in the magical words and thoughts penned down in the form of a book. It’s truly a rollercoaster of emotions for all the readers.


Hrishika Awasthi is a young poet currently pursuing her bachelors from Lady Shri Ram College. She lives in Delhi and is an avid reader and an even more passionate writer.  This is her debut book and she plans on not stopping. 


The Beginning
1. Boy
2. The Image of Lust
3. Mirage of Happiness
4. A Child’s World
5. Time
6. Fiery Water
7. Always Remember
8. An Unfinished Affair
9. Blue Mother
10. Barren Fertility
11. The Fugue Sestina
12. Fused
13. Blood Rose
14. The Haunt
15. Crimson
16. Ravages of War
17. Broken
18. Memories of Love
19. Silent Noise
20. Circle of Evil
21. Between the Tree and Me
22. Reflections From A Window
23. I Know
24. Signs of Universe
25. If I Were A Bird
26. Fearless
27. Story of Her
28. The Call
29. Mirror Mirror on The Wall
30. The Beauty of Her
31. Miracles
32. Rise One Day
33. Summer
34. Everything I Love
35. You Are
36. The Old Adventurer
37. My Special One
38. The Aisle
39. Dance
40. What If?
41. The Icy Cinquain
42. Rise and Set
43. The Forbidden Fruit
44. Written Romance
45.     Dear Me

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