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Study & Learning Techniques
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Study & Learning Techniques


499 INR
    ISBN: EP201800355
    Edition: 2019-20
  • Classes: Class 7
  • Exams: Psychometric Test
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Product Description
STUDY & LEARNING TECHNIQUES is a psychometric test to assess one’s unique learning style. Learning styles have been identified as predictors of academic performance and guides for curriculum design. In this test you will know various tried out techniques and further guidance which will help you develop into a wholesome personality.
After completion of the test you will get a report which consist of detailed analysis of each section of the test along with your scores and performance index. The report will tell you what better you can do on your areas of improvement. 
The result analysis and the suggestive measures in the report will help you:
1. Overcome limitations in study
2. Score high in academics
3. Reduce stress and frustration
4. Get insight into your strength’s & weaknesses


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