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Block out Negative Marking to Qualify JEE Exam

Want to crack JEE Main exam? Here are some expert tips to Block out Negative Marking to Qualify JEE Exam 2016. Students can crack the JEE Main exam very easily by following these tips.

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) exam paper embraces total 90 questions. The candidate will be given four marks for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer. It is always crucial to comprehend the marking scheme of an exam to avoid errors while attempting it.

The major parameter on which a student is tested in the JEE Main exam is confidence, detailed knowledge, speed and accuracy. The faster the candidate solves exam paper with accuracy, the greater is the chance to qualify the exam.

The JEE Main exam covers the complete NCERT class XI & XII syllabus. Hence, a candidate should be well versed in the NCERT course with formulas on fingertips. They can refer the books like NCERT at your Fingertips which are strictly based on NCERT syllabus. Candidate must solve previous year question papers by using books containing JEE previous year questions like JEE Mains and JEE Explorer. Solving previous year question papers increase the efficiency and speed to solve questions with accuracy. Various Online test series  for JEE are present which gives ample practice to improve students speed and accuracy.

During JEE Main exam, the qualifying mantra is “Leave or Lose”. Attempting unclear questions will bring negative marking in your score card, which in turn reduce marks and chances to qualify. So, it is better to leave those unclear questions instead of losing marks of correct answers. If we refer JEE Main cut off marks for 2015, it was 105. It means, if a candidate would have attempted only 27 questions accurately in the JEE Main exam, he/she could have qualified the exam for Advance level with 108 scores. But, to make a place under two lakh rank holders, it is requisite to score a bit more.

It is always recommended to focus on speed, accuracy and to be on the back foot from attempting unclear questions. The most important and necessary thing to make certain is that whichever question student attempt, it should be correct.

Prevent overwriting as it would be difficult for computer systems to read OMR sheet. These inappropriate marking will be measured as wrong solutions resulting in negative marking.

If we see the time duration for JEE Main Exam paper, it is very difficult to solve all the questions in the given time. So, whatever you solve should be correct and don’t try to hunt every question. As per the analysis, the major reason for failure is not always the lack of proper studies, but the negative marking done in the exam paper.

So, Block out Negative Marking to Qualify JEE exam, simply by controlling the impulse to attempt all the questions present in the exam paper.



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