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BITSAT Power Guide
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BITSAT Power Guide


800 INR
    ISBN: 9789387351233
    Author: ANIL AHLAWAT
    Edition: 2017-18
    Pages: 1056
  • Shipping Weight: 1520gms
  • Classes: Class 11, Class 12
  • Exams: JEE Mains-Advanced
  • Subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Reasoning and aptitude
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Product Description

MTG’s BITSAT Power Guide is a unique book designed for all BITS aspirants with new features and advanced chapter wise techniques. This book has been designed according to the latest syllabus and pattern of BITSAT and aims to provide a comprehensive theory of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning.

The book extends its coverage over chapter wise past 7 years’ Questions (2017-2011), chapter wise exercise and 10 Model Test Papers with detailed solutions to enable the students to give their best performance in the exam. The questions of BITSAT Power Guide can be attempted online. Students can do a full online practice of this book. At cost of physical book, student will get the benefit of online book also.  


Book will be Dispatched on 29 th November 2017

About The Examination v
Syllabus vii
1. Units and Measurement 
2. Kinematics 
3. Newton’s Laws of Motion 
4. Impulse and Momentum 
5. Work and Energy 
6. Rotational Motion
7. Gravitation 
8. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids 
9. Oscillations 
10. Waves 
11. Heat and Thermodynamics
12. Electrostatics 
13. Current Electricity 
14. Magnetic Effects of Current 
15. Electromagnetic Induction 
16. Optics 
17. Modern Physics 
18. Electronic Devices 
1. States of Matter 
2. Atomic Structure 
3. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
4. Thermodynamics
5. Physical and Chemical Equilibria 
6. Electrochemistry 
7. Chemical Kinetics 
8. Hydrogen and s-Block Elements
9. p-, d- and f- Block Elements 
10. Principles of Organic Chemistry and
11. Stereochemistry
12. Organic Compounds with Functional Groups
Containing Oxygen and Nitrogen 
13. Biological, Industrial and Environmental
14. Theoretical Principles of Experimental Chemistry 
1. Grammar 
2. Vocabulary 
3. Reading Comprehension
4. Composition 
5. Analogy 
6. Classification 
7. Series Completion 
8. Logical Deduction 
9. Chart Logic 
10. Pattern Perception
11. Figure Formation and Analysis 
12. Paper Cutting 
13. Figure Matrix 
14. Rule Detection 
1. Algebra M1
2. Trigonometry 
3. Two Dimensional Coordinate Geometry
4. Three Dimensional Geometry
5. Differential Calculus 
6. Integral Calculus
7. Ordinary Differential Equations 
8. Probability 
9. Vectors 
10. Statistics 
11. Linear Programming 
12. Mathematical Modelling 
Model Test Paper-1 
Model Test Paper-2 
Model Test Paper-3 
Model Test Paper-4 
Model Test Paper-5 
Model Test Paper-6 
Model Test Paper-7 
Model Test Paper-8 
Model Test Paper-9 
Model Test Paper-10

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