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Objective Mathematics For JEE Main and Advanced
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Objective Mathematics For JEE Main and Advanced


750 INR
    ISBN: 9789386634948
    Author: Dr. Ramanaiah Gundala
    Edition: 2017-18
    Pages: 952
  • Shipping Weight: 1450gms
  • Classes: Class 11, Class 12
  • Exams: JEE Mains-Advanced
  • Subjects: Mathematics
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Product Description

MTG’s Objective Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced written by Dr. Ramanaiah Gundala is a complete book designed for all JEE aspirants with new knowledge and advanced chapter wise techniques. The Book is divided into two sections, Class 11 and Class 12 as per the NCERT syllabus. Each chapter begins with synopsis to understand the concepts and formulae for solving the problem in a better way.

This book covers variety of questions asked in the JEE Main and Advanced examination. It covers more than 5800 objective questions of single correct option, more than one correct options, assertion and reason type, comprehension type, matrix type and integer answer type to strengthen the question solving skills of the student. This book covers ample number of illustrations and warmup session to help the aspirants for JEE preparation. The solutions are short and crisp helping students save time during exams.

It covers previous years questions of JEE from 2013 to 2017 which results in understanding the changing pattern of questions asked in the previous examinations. 6 assignments are segregated chapter wise and topic wise for self-analysis of preparation. 

Table of content:
  1. Sets, Relations and Functions 
  2. Trigonometric Functions 
  3. Principle of Mathematical Induction
  4. Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 
  5. Linear Inequalities
  6. Assiggnment-1
  7. Permutations and Combinations
  8. Binomial Theorem
  9. Sequences and Series
  10. Limits and Derivatives
  11. Straight Lines
  12. Assignment-2 
  13. Conic Sections
  14. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry
  15. Mathematical Reasoning
  16. Statistics and Probability
  17. Logarithms
  18. Assignment-3
  1. Relations and Functions 
  2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 
  3. Matrices
  4. Determinants
  5. Assignment-1
  6. Continuity and Differentiability
  7. Application of Derivatives
  8. Integrals
  9. Application of Integrals
  10. Differential Equations
  11. Assignment-2
  12. Vector Algebra
  13. Three-Dimensional Geometry
  14. Linear Programming
  15. Probability
  16. Assignment-3

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