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buy books for medical / engineering entrance exams PMT/ PET

1. LOG IN - Click Log in (positioned at extreme right top on the website page) and provide required information.
Returning Customer: Please fill fields pertaining to  "Returning Customers: Please Log In."
New customers: Please fill fields pertaining to "New? Please Provide Your Billing Information."
After filling required details click "SUBMIT" button in maroon.
2. SELECT CATEGORY OF PRODUCT - Select the "CATEGORY" on the left side of webpage.
3. SELECT PRODUCT - Select the product you want to purchase by clicking on the "cover image of the product".
If you are not sure of the category you can use "Advance Search Option" to search your wished product.
4. ADD THE PRODUCT TO YOUR CART - Add the product to your cart by clicking "ADD THIS TO MY CART" maroon button, positioned below the product's basic details.
5. SHOPPING CART - Shopping cart page will display the products added into your cart. In the same way, you can add more products to your cart.
You can delete or edit the quantity too at the shopping cart page, using "fill box" or "bin button". After this you need to click "Update cart" Button.
After checking for the product added and the quantity, click "PROCEED TO PAY" Button in maroon.
For the orders worth Rs 1100 or more, shipping is FREE.
6. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER - Check for the complete and correct address information, product added into the cart. After complete verification, click "CONFIRM" Button in maroon.
7. PUT PAYMENT DETAILS - You will land on the "secured zone of CCAVENUE". Put your payment details in (3rd section) in "Payment Details" field and enter submit. Follow the instruction appearing on the screen.
8. ORDER CONFIRMATION NUMBER - After successful transaction, you will land on the mtg website page again with the message "Thank you! Your Order Confirmation Number is XXXXX.
9. DISPATCH : Paperback Books usually dispatch on the same day. The expected delivery time is 2 - 10 days depending upon the service area.  
e books, if ordered, can be downloaded instantly. Follow the following procedure to download ordered ebook.

Log in to www.mtg.in through this LINK --> My Account --> Click on "View" --> Download

If you face any problem in downloading, please try clearing your computer "cache memory"
Download link remain active for 7 days from the date of purchase. You can try downloading the same for 8 times. Please download within the limited time to avoid non availability of the ebooks.
Please be informed that no complain related to ebooks download, after 3 months, will be entertained.


How to buy (Video)
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