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Learning Computers for Smarter Life - Class 6
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Learning Computers for Smarter Life - Class 6


250 INR
    ISSN: 9789386634863
    Author: Manuj Bajaj, Anil Ahlawat
    Edition: 2016
    Pages: 136
  • Shipping Weight: 310gms
  • Classes: Class 6
  • Exams: Olympiads
  • Subjects: Computers
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Product Description

MTG’s Learning Computer for Smarter Life is a smart series of computer books for class 1 to 8. This series is designed to encourage the young mind and exposes them to various applications of computer in day to day life. The uniqueness of these books lies in the fact that unlike other books they do not digs deeper into the history of computer, rather they focus on the practical aspects of application of computer and equip the students with knowledge with which they can complete their work smarter and faster.

Each book of this series contains a good number of test papers and SOF National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) questions for practice. A tremendous amount of analysis and research effort has gone to put together this book in your hands. Each chapter is explained in precise manner with proper illustrations for deep rooted understanding of computer applications. 

Content : -
CHAPTER 1: Advance Excel (Sorting) 
CHAPTER 2: Advance PowerPoint 
CHAPTER 3: Combining Office Applications-1
CHAPTER 4: Combining Office Applications-2 
CHAPTER 5: Searching Information on Internet
CHAPTER 6: Google Search (Advanced) 
CHAPTER 7: Advance Emailing
CHAPTER 8: Other Applications of Internet 
CHAPTER 9: Privacy and Protection
CHAPTER 10: Disk Defragmenter and Disk Cleanup
CHAPTER 11: Introduction to Flash CS6
CHAPTER 12: Your First Flash Animation
CHAPTER 13: Introduction to Programming
CHAPTER 14: Writing a Computer Program
CHAPTER 15: Programming Languages
CHAPTER 16: Introduction to Visual Basic
CHAPTER 17: Interesting Mobile Facts & Apps 
SOF National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Questions

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