43 + 19 Years Chapterwise Solutions Physics for JEE (Adv + Main)


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Highly recommended book by toppers. This is the best book for students who wish to crack JEE main and Advanced. It contains previous 43 years papers of Physics section of JEE Advanced/ IIT JEE and 19 years papers of JEE Main/ AIEEE.  Glance of the chapter is given in the book.

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MTG’s 43 + 19 years chapterwise solution – Physics book is designed for those who are targeting JEE mains and advanced both. It contains previous 43 years papers of JEE advanced/IIT JEE and 19 years papers of JEE Main/AIEEE. The Book is divided into two sections, Class 11 and Class 12 as per the NCERT syllabus. Each chapter begins with synopsis (in a nutshell) to understand the concept and formulae for solving the problem in a better way. Since JEE Main and Advanced questions are present in chapterwise format, it gives a better idea of difference in level of questions in two exams. It also guides students about the depth of understanding a topic required for a certain chapter and topic. The number of questions reflects which chapter is important for Mains and which is for Advanced. A student using this book strategically can come up with flying colour in both the exams. This revised edition gives free access to all the questions of this book on web and mobile. So, that a buyer can get a complete package to prepare for online JEE 2021 and write the exam with full confidence.

Table of Content:
  • 1. Units, Dimensions and Errors
  • 2. Kinematics
  • 3. Laws of Motion
  • 4. Work, Energy and Power
  • 5. Rotational Motion
  • 6. Gravitation
  • 7. Properties of Matter
  • 8. Heat and Thermodynamics
  • 9. Oscillations and Waves
  • 1. Electrostatics
  • 2. Current Electricity
  • 3. Magnetism
  • 4. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current
  • 5. Optics
  • 6. Modern Physics
  • 7. Solids and Semiconductor Devices
  • 8. Electromagnetic Waves and Communication System
  • 9. Practical Physics
ISBN11 9788194933687
Edition 2020-21
Pages 756
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams JEE Mains-Advanced
Subjects Physics
Weight 1134gm


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