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How to Score 80% in Boards by Studying in 2 months


Class 12th board exam marks the end of your school life and open the doors for your higher studies. This exam holds importance in life as it assesses and directs you to pursue an education that matches your career aspirations. Though a regular and consistent study of full year is the Key to score high score in any exam, a smart way can also bring good result (if you are running short of time).

Follow these tips and we assure you that no one can stop you scoring high score in Boards Exams.

Isolate yourself for two months

12th and 10th Boards exams are starting in 2 month. It is high time that you become highly focused. Don’t plan to go to parties, celebrations and functions during these two months. You can celebrate afterwards. Now, this is not the time to procrastinate your Board exams preparation.


Fix a Timetable

Next thing to focus while preparing for 12th board exams is to work on time management. You should maintain a time table for your studies and give equal time to all subjects. A deadline must be set for each subject and you must try to complete your studies within the time limit. This can help you manage time for all the subjects in a proper way.


Be Confident and Stay Positive

Don’t lose your confidence, in two months too you can prepare for 12th board preparation and get good score. Exercise your mind with positive thoughts and start your studies with confidence without feeling any burden. Just think for a moment that you have 60 days and if you devote one day smartly for each chapter of every subject then you can easily prepare your entire syllabus. So, be confident, kill your dilemma of thinking “Only 2 months left” and learn your subjects with positive result.


Make Short Notes and Concept Charts

Making short notes is a good habit to learn the topics more effectively. It is advisable to prepare brief notes for each subject in your own language for revision because making short notes in your own language is hard to forget and very helpful for memorizing the concepts. Alternatively, you can also summaries the information in the form of mind map or concept charts. These notes will make you more confident and enhance your revision potential at the time of examination.


Fix Your Daily Goal

You should always set a target and work hard to reach that. You must fix a particular portion to be studied each day. Try to achieve your daily goal by the end of the day and if you have some time remaining with you in a day, you may set a bigger goal for the next day. Don’t stop yourself to meet your daily target, as it can ruin the preset routine of yours.


Solve Previous Years Board Papers

One of the most effective way to prepare 12th board exams in two months is to practice past papers. This will give you a fair idea about the pattern of exam, time limit and the type of questions asked in the previous board exams. There are many previous years question bank available. MTG 11 Years CBSE Champion Chapterwise Toipicwise for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Core, Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies come with most effective content.


It serves you the best solutions of last 11 years CBSE board papers. This book comprises of lucid theory for each chapter, Topicwise-Chapterwise questions and answers of 11 years CBSE-DELHI, ALL INDIA, FOREIGN and Compartment papers. Along with this, it also offers 10 Solved sample papers and latest sample papers released by CBSE. So, you must solve at least 2-3 sample papers and chapter wise previous years papers after you finish studying your syllabus every day.

Some specific tips related to specific subject!


Mathematics requires calculations, hence you may fall short of time. Hence, it is advisable practice more and more of full length papers in stipulated time.

It is seen that more of solved examples of NCERT books used to be asked in the exams. Thoroughly revise all the solved examples available in NCERT Boks. Do solve each question by writing on the paper. Math is a practical subject that should not be READ but SOLVED.


Physics is a mix of theoretical and numerical questions. Usually, 15-20 marks paper comprise of numerical part and rest is theoretical. Some of the important chapter in physics are Optics, Semi-conductor and Devices, Current Electricity and Modern Physics.


Chemistry paper is a mix of Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry. Organic Chemistry is supposed to be the most scoring part and also has the maximum weightage in the paper.

Practice all the questions given in the exercises of NCERT book. You will get almost 60% question from the exercises part. In inorganic chemistry general trends in periodic table and p-block elements is the most important as direct questions used to be asked.

Numerical and reasoning questions comes from physical chemistry.


In biology, revise from previous year’s papers. You will be able to mark the questions which used to be asked repeatedly. Don’t miss any diagram, table, chart, illustrations of NCERT books as questions used to be framed on these elements.

The most important chapter here for all 1 marks, 2 marks, 3 marks and 5 marks are Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Reproduction in Human and Genetics.

Have Positive attitude and remember always YOU CAN DO IT!

Good luck! All the Best!

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