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JEE Main Exam Tips

1. Don't panic! This will only makes you nervous and create environment to make silly mistakes.
2. Once you gets the question paper and answer sheet, fill all the relevant and mandatory informations with a cool head.
3. Duration of the question paper is three hours for three subjects ; so ideally allot one hour to each subject.
4. Give first one hour to the subject which is your strength. Do not stuck at any question more than a minute. Distribute next two hours accordingly. 
5. If you are equally strong in all the subjects then, its better you take chemistry in first hour; it has less numerical as compared to  physics and mathematics.
6. Cover all the conceptual questions first and fill the answers in the OMR sheet carefully.
7. You can use estimation method where long calculations are involved.
8. While marking the answers in the bubble sheet thoroughly check you have marked the correct asnwer at correct number.
9. Negative marking is involved, hence, no to wild guess. You can make intelligent guess like using elimination method, 50-50 methods, etc.
10. Calculus in Maths, Kinematics in Physics and organic chemistry in Chemistry are the key areas. Revise them well.
11. Out of record 14 Lakh students registered for JEE MAINS, only 1.5 Lakh students will qualify for JEE Advanced. 

All the best!
MTG Editorial Board

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