NEET Champion Biology


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MTG NEET Champion consists of concise theory for final revision and previous 10 years’ questions of various State and National Level PMTs that use to be conducted before NEET.

It includes Graphical analysis of questions that defines the weightage of topics in Chapters. Additionally, 10-unit-tests are available for testing the preparation in multiple chapters after preparation.

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MTG NEET Champion Biology is a 100% solved question bank of last 10 years’ (2020 – 2011) Biology question asked in various medical entrance exams. All the 10 years’ questions in this book have been segregated chapter-wise and topic-wise (including AIIMS and JIPMER) to give a brief idea about the topic’s importance within the chapter. The principle objective of this book is to familiarize all the NEET student with a wide variety of questions frequently asked in various medical entrance exams. In the process, student will be able to gain mastery over the subject and emerge as Champions.

The salient features are:

  • Graphical analysis of questions highlighting weightage of topics.
  • Concise refreshing theory for effective recapitulation.
  • NCERT based chapter-wise and topic-wise segregation of previous 10 years’ (2020 – 2011) questions of entrance exams.
  • Multiple choice questions having more than one option correct are highlighted by star mark.
  • 10 unit tests containing level wise questions for self-analysis.
  • 5 Test papers to check the readiness of their preparation.

This book aims to help medical aspirants in scoring their best in NEET as well other medical entrance exams such as AIIMS and JIPMER. This revised edition provides free online access to all the questions of this book on web and mobile. So, that a buyer can get a complete package to prepare for NEET 2021 and write the exam with full confidence.


Content :-
  • Class XI
  • 1.The Living World
  • 2.Biological Classification
  • 3.Plant Kingdom
  • 4.Animal Kingdom
  • Unit Test-1
  • 5.Morphology of Flowering Plants
  • 6.Anatomy of Flowering Plants
  • 7.Structural Organisation in Animals
  • Unit Test-2
  • 8.Cell- The Unit of Life
  • 9.Biomolecules
  • 10.Cell Cycle and Cell Division
  • Unit Test-3
  • 11.Transport in Plants
  • 12.Mineral Nutrition
  • 13.Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
  • 14.Respiration in Plants
  • 15.Plant Growth and Development
  • Unit Test-4
  • 16.Digestion and Absorption
  • 17.Breathing and Exchange of Gases
  • 18.Body Fluids and Circulation
  • 19.Excretory Products and Their Elimination
  • 20.Locomotion and Movement
  • 21.Neural Control and Coordination
  • 22.Chemical Coordination and Integration
  • Unit Test-5
  • Answer Keys of Unit Tests
  • Class XI
  • 1.Reproduction in Organisms
  • 2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  • 3.Human Reproduction
  • 4.Reproductive Health
  • Unit Test-1
  • 5.Principles of Inheritance and Variation
  • 6.Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • 7.Evolution
  • Unit Test-2
  • 8.Human Health and Diseases
  • 9.Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  • 10.Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Unit Test-3
  • 11.Biotechnology : Principles and Processes
  • 12.Biotechnology and Its Applications
  • Unit Test-4
  • 13.Organisms and Populations
  • 14.Ecosystem
  • 15.Biodiversity and Conservation
  • 16.Environmental Issues
  • Unit Test-5
  • Answer Keys of Unit Tests
  • Test Papers
  • Test Paper-1
  • Test Paper-2
  • Test Paper-3
  • Test Paper-4
  • Test Paper-5
ISBN11 9789389971675
Edition 2020-21
Pages 932
Classes Class 11, Class 12
Exams NEET
Subjects Biology
Weight 1354gm

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