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Mathematics Today 2019
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Mathematics Today 2019


40 INR
    ISSN: 2019120012755
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: December 2019
    Pages: 91
  • Shipping Weight: 116gms
  • Classes: Class 11, Class 12
  • Exams: JEE Mains-Advanced, Regional Ent. Exams-Engg
  • Subjects: Mathematics


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Product Description

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Competition Edge
Maths Musing Problem Set - 204
Brush Up for JEE 2020 (Unit 6)- Straight Lines / Conic Sections
Mock Drill for JEE Main 2020
Mock Test Paper JEE Main 2020
Challenging Problems-Vectors and 3D Geometry
Olympiad Corner
You Ask We Answer
Maths Musing Solutions-Solution Set-203
12 Study Hacks You Must Know
Focus JEE Main Practice Paper 2020
Class XI
Concept Map-Circles
Concept Booster- Trigonometric Functions
CBSE warm-up ! (Series 8)- Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry /
Limits and Derivatives/Mathematical Reasoning
Monthly Test Drive (Series 7)- Limits and Derivatives
Class XII
Concept Map-Line
CBSE warm-up ! (Series 8)-Three Dimensional Geometry
Monthly Test Drive (Series 7)-Definite Integration, Application of Integrals

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