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Mathematics Today Subscription

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    ISSN: 2468
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: November 2019
    Pages: 91
  • Shipping Weight: 116gms
  • Classes: Class 11, Class 12
  • Exams: JEE Mains-Advanced, Regional Ent. Exams-Engg
  • Subjects: Mathematics



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Competition edge
Maths Musing Problem Set - 203
Brush Up for JEE 2020 (Unit 5)-Trigonometry
Challenging Problems-Differential Equations
Mock Test Paper JEE Main 2020 with Numerical Value Type Questions (Series 6)
Olympiad Corner
Focus JEE Main Practice Paper 2020 with Numerical Value Type Questions
Maths Musing Solutions- Solution Set 202
You Ask We Answer
Class XI
Concept Map- Statistics
Concept Booster- Straight Lines
CBSE warm-up ! (Series 7)- Conic Sections
Monthly Test Drive (Series 6)- Sequence and Series
Class XII
Concept Map-Matrices
Concept Booster- Inverse Trigonometric Functions
CBSE warm-up ! (Series 7)- Vector Algebra
Monthly Test Drive (Series 6)- Indefinite Integration

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