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MAT for NTSE Made Easy
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MAT for NTSE Made Easy


450 INR
    ISBN: 9789389461534
    Edition: 2019-20
    Pages: 528
  • Shipping Weight: 856gms
  • Classes: Class 8, Class 9, Class 10
  • Exams: Olympiads, NTSE
  • Subjects: Reasoning and aptitude
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Product Description

MTG’s MAT for NTSE is a book devised especially for class 10 students to prepare excellently for NTSE exam. It contains complete comprehensive and fundamental theory of every topic with shortcut tricks to find the answer quickly and easily. It contains solved examples to complement and understand the fundamental in a more comprehensive manner. More than 3500 questions of verbal and non- verbal reasoning and quantitative aptitude are given for better learning experience. To help students practice the concepts discussed in the chapters, practice exercises have been provided at the end of each chapter with hints and solutions. Sample papers of Stage I & Stage II are also given for full practice after course completion. Moreover, the book also contains previous years solved papers of Stage 1 and Stage II MAT section. This book is also helpful for exams like BBA, Bank PO, Civil services, SSC etc. This book is very helpful for class 10 students to equip them with all the weapons to tackle mental ability section of NTSE Stage I & Stage II examination.



1. Series
2. Analogy
3. Coding-Decoding
4. Classification 
5. Missing Value in the Figure
6. Venn Diagrams
7. Syllogisms
8. Ranking Test
9. Counting in Figures
10. Mathematical Operators
11. Directions
12. Dice and Cube
13. Pyramids
14. Data Interpretation
15. Blood Relations
16. Word Based Questions
17. Logical Reasoning
18. Data Sufficiency
19. Series
20. Analogy
21. Odd One Out
22. Matrix
23. Paper Folding & Paper Cutting
24. Embedded Figures
25. Pattern Completion
26. Mirror and Water Images
27. Miscellaneous Topics
28. Number System
29. Percentages
30. Ratio and Proportion
31. Averages
32. Time and work
33. Time, Speed and Distance
34. Basic Algebra
35. Geometry and Mensuration
36. Set Thoery
1. Sample Paper-1 (Stage - I) 
2. Sample Paper-2 (Stage - I) 
3. Sample Paper-3 (Stage - I) 
4. Sample Paper-1 (Stage - II) 
5. Sample Paper-2 (Stage - II) 
Solved Paper 2017-18 (Stage - I)
Solved Paper 2017-18 (Stage - II)
Solved Paper 2018-19 (Stage - I)
Solved Paper 2018-19 (Stage - II)


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