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NTSE Chapterwise Solutions
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NTSE Chapterwise Solutions


850 INR
    ISBN: 9789389971088
    Edition: 2020-21
    Pages: 1056
  • Shipping Weight: 1600gms
  • Classes: Class 10
  • Exams: NTSE
  • Subjects: Mathematics, Science
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Product Description
MTG’s NTSE Chapterwise Solutions
MTG has come up with an essential preparation book named “NTSE Chapterwise Solutions” for students appearing in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). This book is strictly designed on the latest pattern and syllabus of NTSE. It contains chapter wise completely solved MCQs of previous 5 years’ NTSE Stage-I and last 3 years’ of NTSE Stage-II exam with chapterwise index. This book covers MAT & SAT parts of Stage I including chapterwise previous years’ questions of all 20 states. 
The MAT part of the book covers all Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions whereas the SAT part covers all questions of eight subject viz, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, geography, Economics and Mathematics. A tremendous amount of analysis and research effort has gone in this book to make one stop solution for NTSE aspirants.
Salient Features of the book:
• 10,000 + Chapterwise MCQs of all 20 states asked in previous 5 years of NTSE Stage-I exam with detailed solutions. 
• Every chapter is provided with short and crisp theory which helps you to recap the chapter quickly before attempting the questions. 
• Previous 3 years’ solved paper of NTSE Stage-II exam with chapterwise index.
• Additional Online content: You can access additional free content for more practice like Model Test paper, Maths & Science topicwise Concepts and Tests and much more. 


Mental Ability Test
1. Series Completion 
2. Classification
3. Analogy 
4. Number Test, Ranking Test, Alphabet Test and Time Sequence Test
5. Coding-Decoding
6. Direction Sense Test
7. Puzzle Test
8. Logical Venn Diagrams
9. Arithmetical Reasoning
10. Mathematical Operations
11. Blood Relations
12. Inserting the Missing Character
13. Syllogism
1. Series Completion
2. Classification
3. Analogy
4. Analytical Reasoning
5. Completion of Incomplete Pattern
6. Mirror and Water Images
7. Paper Folding and Paper Cutting
8. Embedded Figures
9. Dot Situation Test
10. Problems on Cubes and Dice
11. Formation of Figure Analysis
12. Figure Matrix
Scholastic Aptitude Test 
1. Motion
2. Force and Laws of Motion
3. Gravitation
4. Work and Energy
5. Heat
6. Sound and Oscillations
7. Light
8. Electricity and Magnetism
9. Universe and Sources of Energy
1. Matter
2. Atoms, Molecules and Structure of Atom
3. Metals, Non-metals and Periodic Classification of Elements
4. Changes Around Us and Chemical Reactions
5. Acids, Bases and Salts
6. Carbon and its Compounds
7. Fuels, Combustion and Flame
8. Materials in Daily Life and Pollution
1. Diversity in Living Organisms 
2. Living Beings and their Surroundings 
3. Cell and Tissues 
4. Biomolecules 
5. Life Processes 
6. Control and Coordination 
7. Reproduction in Organisms
8. Diseases in Human Beings 
9. Heredity and Evolution 
10. Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering 
11. Improvement in Food Resources 
12. Our Environment 
13. Conservation and Management of Natural Resources
1. Ancient India 
2. Medieval India 
3. Modern India 
4. World History
1. Indian Constitution and Democracy 
2. Government at the Centre and the State and Panchayati Raj 
3. Popular Struggles and Movements 
4. Planning Commission / NITI Aayog 
1. General Geography 
2. Indian Geography 
3. Agriculture and Industries 
1. Development and Sectors of the Indian Economy 
2. Money and Credit : Globalization and Consumer Rights
1. Number System 
2. Algebra 
3. Comparing Quantities 
4. Plane Geometry 
5. Coordinate Geometry
6. Trigonometry 
7. Solid Geometry 
8. Statistics & Probability 
9. Logarithms 
• Solved Paper 2016-17
• Solved Paper 2017-18
• Solved Paper 2018-19

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