International Social Studies Olympiad Work Book -Class 4


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International Social Studies Olympiad (ISSO) Workbook for class 4 is published to reveal the practice required by students intending to appear for the ISSO exam. ISSO Workbook for class 4 is a well-structured chapter-wise question bank to help you ace your Olympiads exam. Every chapter in the workbook is compiled with a brief list of topics and designed to offer you a one-stop solution for your Olympiads exam. The range of questions included in the workbook will help you transform your preparation from basic to advance level, thus, ensures outstanding performance in the exam.

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MTG’s International Social Studies Olympiad (ISSO) Workbooks class 4 introduces the types of questions students may found in ISSO that will happen for the first time. Class 4 ISSO workbook’s content caters to ISSO syllabus for class 4 and briefly compiled all the prospective Social Studies. Topics in the syllabus.
Chapterwise questions in the books are available in basic to Achievers Section Level. Hints and explanations are available at the end of the book. A bubble response sheet is given in every chapter. While practice on such a sheet, students will learn to mark neatly only one answer choice per question.
Table of Content:
  • Chapter 1 : Our Country – Physical and Political Divisions
  • Chapter 2 : India – Resources and Climate
  • Chapter 3 : Our Rich Heritage
  • Chapter 4 : People Who Made a Difference
  • Chapter 5 : Our Constitution and Government
  • Chapter 6 : Our History
  • Chapter 7 : Earth and Environment
  • Chapter 8 : Transport and Communication
  • Hints & Explanations
ISBN11 9789390931620
Author Sidharth Singh
Edition 2021-22
Pages 64
Classes Class 4
Exams Olympiads
Subjects Social Studies
Weight 100gm