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NCO Online Test Package Class 5
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NCO Online Test Package Class 5

Rs.1,500.00  Rs.1,249.00

1249 INR
  • Specials / Sale ends: Wednesday 30 September, 2020
  • ISBN: EP201800030
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: 2020-21
  • Classes: Class 5
  • Exams: Olympiads
  • Subjects: Computers

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National Cyber Olympiad Work Book - Class 5

Product Description
Customers will receive an "Test Activation Mail" through email containing User Id/Login and Password/Pin within 24 Hrs of purchase from the mail id info@sofolympiadtrainer.com. This User Id and Password may be used to get started and continue with the test.
Test Package is Valid till 30th March 2021
These are the interactive online for Olympiads, for the preparation of National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) by SOF. It offers an exhaustive range of interactive thought provoking questions in MCQ format to test the student knowledge thoroughly. A must for everybody appearing for NCO. Student can revise the Fundamental concepts thoroughly. Solutions and explanations for challenging questions are also available. Suitable for various Olympiads. Recommended for Olympiads/ quizzers/ Competition at Inter school, State, National and International Levels. 
This study package contains: 
Test Bank : Question bank as also available in workbooks covering Olympiad syllabus. 
Previous Year Papers: Practice 5 Previous Year papers multiple times for perfection.
6 Mock Test : Interactive online test designed on the same pattern and marking scheme of the National Computer Olympiad to give you a clear insight of your preparation level.
Custom Tests: Children can create multiple tests from the question bank specifying difficulty level, number of questions, and specific topics for practice and perfection.
Reports : Each attempt is saved in the reports section for future reference.
Revision: Question marked important while practicing will appear in this section for later practice and revision.
About: Necessary information about the Olympiads, Awards, Important Dates and Notices would be available in this section.
Benefits for the Students:
• Immediate result after submission of test.
• Randomization of questions, hence every time the question will come in different sequencing.
• Useful statistics to depict your performance as well as time taken to complete the sample papers.
• Regular practising improves your child’s chance to enter 2nd level Olympiads.
• Option to create custom test, hence you can create any number of tests within the test bank.
• The tests help the children overcome anxiety, and they can attempt the real exam in calm way for good marks.
• Helps to reduce the amount of careless mistakes during the actual test.
• Mock tests which are part of the course, are a great way to increase your child’s confidence level and benchmark against last year cut offs
The practice here is fun and learning becomes interesting in this mode.
Have more questions read FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or check HELP VIDEO

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Class 5 NCO 5 years (Instant download eBook)
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National Cyber Olympiad Work Book - Class 5

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