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Overcome Exam Anxiety to Double your Performance

Exam anxiety is very prevalent during exam time. It is a state of nervousness which can hugely affect performance of a student even if a student has learned enough to perform better. It could be a general factor in dropping your exam performance and health.

Whenever exam comes near stomach butterflies and negative thought, ponder into the minds of students. The only way to deal with it and perform best is overcoming your exam anxiety. Here we are sharing tips to overcome exam anxiety to double your exam performance.

Tips to overcome exam anxiety

1. Make time table and study regularly – It is always better to start studying as soon as the exam dates are announced. Make a timetable and start studying on a regular basis so that you will be able to finish your studies before the exam. By this way you can get enough time to revise syllabus. Along with the time to relax, especially the day before the exam.

2. Organize your notes and schoolwork – Keeping all the notes handy will undoubtedly save your time while studying. You will not get nervous about not finding any of your notes on your book shelf. Organize your notes to get them on time.

3. Take rest - Your brain has a learning capacity and beyond which it can’t work properly. It is always good to take breaks while studying to relax your mind. This will help in overcoming exam anxiety.

4. Eat healthy food and take proper sleeps – Eating healthy food and taking proper sleep will  not only remove the symptoms of anxiety, but also increases your brain learning power to multiple folds.

5. Stay positive and avoid negative thoughts – Your thinking impacts your brain functioning, thus it is better to stay positive and avoid negative thoughts from coming in mind. Positivity will increase your performance more in the exam and reduces chances of error which occur due to panic.

6. Take help – If there is a problem in some topics which you think can affect your exam performance, then take help of your teachers, classmates and friends for clearing doubts. It helps in avoiding, state of confusion. Hence reduces nervousness and fear of facing questions related to the topics.

7. Make short notes – Make short notes to revise fast and learn better. It will help you out in gaining confidence over your studies and reduce anxiety during the exam.

Always stay prepared and ready for exams. Exam anxiety is a normal problem that comes during the exam, but always try to stay relaxed and try to gain confidence over your study. Try these some of the tips to avoid exam anxiety it will definitely double your exam performance.

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