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Gifted Kids Survival Guide
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Gifted Kids Survival Guide


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    ISSN: 8189255101
    Edition: Judy Galbraith & Jim Delisle
    Pages: 286
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Product Description

All kids are god gifted, but some of them who have extraordinary superiority in cognitive domains, creativity, intellect, or visual/performing art are termed as "gifted kids". For a parent it is easy to identify that his child is "gifted kid". Some of the cognitive domains in which a "gifted kid" excels are - Very Observant, Extremely Curious, Intense interests, Excellent memory, Long attention span, Excellent reasoning skills Well-developed powers of abstraction, conceptualization, and synthesis, Quickly and easily sees relationships in ideas, objects, or facts, Fluent and flexible thinking, Elaborate and original thinking
 Excellent problem solving skills, Learns quickly and with less practice and repetition, Unusual and/or vivid imagination. 

They are intellectually ahead of their peers and therefore, remains unchallenged by routine homework and exercises. They gets bored easily. A parent of a gifted child has to know how to channel a gifted student's talent in the right direction.
"Gifted Kids Survival Guide" - this book written by Judy Galbraith & Jim Delisle, after a thorough research, is especially written for such children. The content of the book are as follows:

How And Why We Wrote This Book; About This Book
On Being Gifted
Dueling Definitions; Who Gets Left Out?; How the Gifted Are Identified; The Gifted Label: Burden Or Blessing; Maddening Myths; What This Means To You
Gifted People Speaks Out; “Twice Exceptional” :  Gifted And LD; Gifted People Speaks Out
A Short Course On Intelligence Theory; Dear Young Friends: Micheal M. Piechowski; What This Means To You; The Top Ten Questions About Intelligence And Giftedness
IQ, Tests, And Testing
What IQ Really Means; Achievement Tests; When Test Fails; Test And Testing The Bottom Line; Test Taking Tips : Randy Mccutcheon
Taking Charge Of Your Life
Great Expectations; Gifted People Speak Out : Abigail L. Hing; The Perfectionism Plight; The Value Of Mistakes; Seven Cardinal Mistakes of Self Esteem: Sol Gordon; Gifted People Speak Out: Olecoy Robinson; Successful Goal Setting
Managing Your Time; Being Assertive; Multipotential: An Embarrasment Of Riches; Gifted People Speak Out: Johan Klevesahl; Gender Issues
Ethnic Issues; Gifted People Speak Out: Danita Salone; Stress
Tro Tried And True Ways To Really Relax: Earl Hipp
Taking Charge of Your Education
Who Is School For?; Your rights as a student; What to say when teachers says no; Exploring your options; Gifted People Speak Out: Jerry Simmons; Step-by-step to systemic change; College Bound: A presentation for success; Choosing a college; Gifted People Speak Out: Wendy D. Isdell; Gifted People Speak Out: Chad Gervich; Gifted People Speak Out: Michael M. Hughes; Alternative of College; The benefit of Taking a break
Friends; Gifted People Speak Out: Bryan A. Mantza; Finding Friends who are Right for you; How to handle Teasing; Online relationship: How to be “Net Smart”; Gifted People Speak Out: Reanna Alder; Parents; Parents and the quest for Perfection; How to talk to parents; Strategies for Successful Conversation
How to get more freedom
On being a teenager
You are not just a Kid; Understanding Adolescence; Teen Angst; Gifted People Speak Out: Jessica Wilber; The top teen age lies

Read a section from the book "On being gifted" which highlighted possible definition of "gifted", advantages and disadvantages of being a "gifted kid", myths about them and "speak outs" of some "gifted kids". 


Enjoy reading!



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