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Maths Practice-cum-Workbook Class 2
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Maths Practice-cum-Workbook Class 2


150 INR
    ISBN: 2016-1200-04787
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: 2016
    Pages: 64
  • Shipping Weight: 160gms
  • Classes: Class 2
  • Exams: Olympiads, School Books
  • Subjects: Mathematics
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Product Description
Practice-cum Workbooks series for class 1 to 8 emphasises that learning should be activity-based and comprehension driven. 
It includes a comprehensive set of question structured with progressive level of difficulty which provide learners ample opportunity to apply combination and skills. 
Smart Features includes:
Riddle Time - riddles based on learner’s understanding of the concepts that will stimulate thinking ability.
Word Fun - application-based questions to implement the concepts learnt.
Crossword - grid puzzle with clues that help learners to understand terminologies and concepts being used.
Tick (ü) - MCQs to increase elimination-selection skills in learners.
Fun Based Activity - mazes, games and colouring activities to learn with fun.
Challenge - complex questions that require in-depth understanding of concepts.
Quick Answers - fundamental questions that will help learners to calculate fast and find crisp solutions.
Table of content : 
1. Number system
2. More on Numbers
3. Addition
4. Subtraction
5. Lines and Shapes
6. Multiplication and Division
7. Fractions
8. Measurement
9. Time
10. Money
11. Data Handling
12. Patterns

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