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10 years CBSE Champion Chapterwise - Topicwise English Language & Literature - Class 10
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10 years CBSE Champion Chapterwise - Topicwise English Language & Literature - Class 10


275 INR
    ISBN: 9789389590036
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: 2019-20
    Pages: 304
  • Shipping Weight: 350gms
  • Classes: Class 10
  • Exams: School Books
  • Subjects: English
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Product Description
MTG has come up with a fully revised edition of ‘CBSE Champion Chapterwise Topicwise English Language & Literature’ for the students of Class X to ensure complete practice material for their exam preparation. It contains chapterwise topicwise completely solved questions of previous 10 years’ CBSE Board examination. It will give you comprehensive knowledge of the subject according to the latest syllabus and pattern of CBSE Board Examination. 
Salient features of the book are:
. Topic-wise Graphical analysis of previous 10 years’ CBSE Board papers’ questions (VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA) to explain chapter           weightage.
. Comprehensive & lucid theory for quick recap.
. Chapter-wise topic-wise questions and answers pulled from 10 years CBSE Delhi, All India, Foreign & Compartment papers.
. Questions are segregated strictly according to NCERT syllabus.
. 10 Practice papers based on design and blue print issued by CBSE Board.
. Solved CBSE Sample Paper


Writing and Grammar
Short Story Writing
Literature: Textbooks
Prose (First Flight)
1. A Letter to God
2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
3. Two Stories about Flying
I. His First Flight
II. Black Aeroplane
4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
5. The Hundred Dresses-I
6. The Hundred Dresses-II
7. Glimpses of India
I. A Baker from Goa
II. Coorg
III. Tea from Assam
8. Mijbil the Otter
9. Madam Rides the Bus
10. The Sermon at Benares
11. The Proposal
1. Dust of Snow
2. Fire and Ice
3. A Tiger in the Zoo
4. How to Tell Wild Animals
5. The Ball Poem
6. Amanda!
7. Animals
8. The Trees
9. Fog
10. The Tale of Custard the Dragon
11. For Anne Gregory
Supplementary Reader (Footprints without Feet)
1. A Triumph of Surgery
2. The Thief’s Story
3. The Midnight Visitor
4. A Question of Trust
5. Footprints without Feet
6. The Making of a Scientist
7. The Necklace
8. The Hack Driver
9. Bholi
10. The Book that Saved the Earth
Questions for Excellence
1. Prose
2. Poetry
3. Supplementry Reader
Practice Papers
Practice Paper - 1 (Solved)
Practice Paper - 2 (Solved)
Practice Paper - 3 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 4 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 5 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 6 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 7 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 8 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 9 (Unsolved)
Practice Paper - 10 (Unsolved)
CBSE Sample Paper

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