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ScoreMore 21 Sample Papers CBSE Boards – Class 10 Mathematics
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ScoreMore 21 Sample Papers CBSE Boards – Class 10 Mathematics


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    ISBN: 9789388378314
    Edition: 2018-19
    Pages: 236
  • Shipping Weight: 404gms
  • Classes: Class 10
  • Exams: School Books
  • Subjects: Mathematics
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Product Description

MTG Score More 21-Sample Paper is a wonderful result-oriented series of 21 sample papers designed to help CBSE Class 10 students in rigorous practice, brushing up knowledge and more. Each sample paper is strictly designed in accordance with the latest pattern introduced by CBSE board.

Solving more and more sample papers will increase your problem-solving speed and accuracy. By solving these sample papers, you can check your preparation level, and your strong and weak areas too. You can score more in the actual paper by getting to know your weak areas and working even harder on them. The Self Evaluation sheet provided after each Sample Question Paper (SQP) will help you to assess your performance. The performance analysis table will help you to check where you actually stand. So, practice a complete set of 21 sample question paper to self-analyze your CBSE class 10 exam preparation.


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