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NCERT at your Fingertips Science Class-6
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NCERT at your Fingertips Science Class-6


300 INR
    ISBN: 9789387351813
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: 2018
    Pages: 252
  • Shipping Weight: 412gms
  • Classes: Class 6
  • Exams: School Books
  • Subjects: Science
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Product Description
MTG has come up with a graded series of “NCERT at your Fingertips Science” for Class 6 to 10. This series is the result of overwhelming response from Objective NCERT at your Fingertips for Class 11 and 12. A tremendous amount of analysis and research effort has gone in this series to satisfy the students' keen appetite for Science knowledge and to build a strong foundation in achieving future goal. This series is strictly designed on CBSE syllabus with wide variety of questions.
Each book of this series is designed as per the new CBSE Uniform System of Assessment and provides a comprehensive set of questions that not only covers NCERT syllabus but also covers challenging and application-based questions. This unique approach of this series helps learner to prepare for CBSE exam, School exams, CBSE Boards exams, Olympiads as well as for future Competitive exams. 
The features of this series not only make it attractive for students but also ensures an enjoyable experience for teachers who are handling this subject. The powerful features of the book are as follows:
     •  “NCERT Edge” which includes topicwise questions of different types i.e. MCQs, True/False, Fill ups, Match the Columns, Diagram       based questions,Application-based questions, VSA, SA and  LA     framed from NCERT chapters for subject enrichment.
      • “Additional Information” has been added for each chapter which provides extended knowledge for wider and in-depth learning of each chapter. 
      • “Extra Edge” includes variety of questions which helps learner for future competitive exam related preparation. 
      • “Test Papers” has been provided for each chapter for periodic assessment of the learner. 
      • “Detailed solutions” to all the questions has been provided at the end of the book to facilitate easy learning and understanding the concept clearly.


Contents: -


1. Food: Where Does It Come From?

2. Components of Food

3. Fibre to Fabric

4. Sorting Materials into Groups

5. Separation of Substances

6. Changes Around us

7. Getting to Know Plants

8. Body Movements

9. The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

10. Motion and Measurement of Distances

11. Light, Shadows and Reflections

12. Electricity and Circuits

13. Fun with Magnets

14. Water

15. Air Around us

16. Garbage in, Garbage out

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