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NCERT Exercises+Exemplar Solutions Mathematics Class 12
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NCERT Exercises+Exemplar Solutions Mathematics Class 12


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    ISSN: 9789385244742
    Author: MTG Editorial Board
    Edition: 2015
    Pages: 548
  • Shipping Weight: 620gms
  • Classes: Class 12
  • Exams: School Books
  • Subjects: Mathematics
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Product Description
NCERT Exercises + Exemplar solutions – Mathematics book is a compilation of all the NCERT Mathematics textbook and Exemplar book questions, class 12. It contains detailed explanation to all the questions given in NCERT Mathematics textbook and NCERT exemplar problem book. These are error free, precise and easily understandable, detailed answers provided by MTG experts for easy learning and understanding of NCERT Mathematics book questions. NCERT Exercises + Exemplar solutions – Biology guide students to prepare for board, competitive and Olympiad exams. It helps them to enhance their learning abilities.

NCERT Exercises + Exemplar solutions – Mathematics covers complete NCERT and Exemplar, class 12 Mathematics text book questions answers in detail.

1. Relations and Functions
2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3. Matrices
4. Determinants
5. Continuity and Differentiability
6. Application of Derivatives
7. Integrals
8. Application of Integrals
9. Differential Equations
10. Vector Algebra
11. Three Dimensional Geometry
12. Linear Programming
13. Probability

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