MTG 100 Percent Social Science Class-10


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MTG 100 Percent Social Science consists of elaborative theory, followed by a self-assessment test named as Try yourself with a variety of questions in the form of MCQs, Assertion & Reason, Match the columns, fill in the blanks etc., A section of NCERT Focus comprises of questions asked in NCERT Textbook. Every chapter consist of Exam Drill that contains questions designed as per the latest CBSE pattern that will help the students to check their progress. 3 Practice papers (solved) as per the latest design and blue print of CBSE are included.

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100 percent as the names suggest, is a mission to score 100% in your CBSE exams. The motive behind curating this title ‘MTG 100 PERCENT Social Science’ is to render students a deep insight into Social Science at secondary level and help them conquer their fears and score brilliant in the exam by achieving all learning objectives. The content of this student friendly book will hit all the three domains of learning viz. cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

Focused on covering all the elements that a CBSE students urge for this book comprises of:

  • Theory of 100 PERCENT is Unparalleled. It is unique and unrivalled, beating the conventional and mundane style of presentation. Each chapter has been broken into Topics. To build practical skills of the students, a number of activities, unique facts and additional knowledge are included under the name of Extra Edge.
  • Each Topic is followed by self-test assignments in the form of Try Yourself. NCERT Focus and CBSE Focus exercises are given to make the students familiar with the types of NCERT Textbook and CBSE Board questions.
  • Chapter exercise covers all possible type and pattern of questions. Each chapterwise paper is designed as per the CBSE pattern in the section “Exam Drill”.
  • 3 Practice papers (solved) as per the latest design and blue print of CBSE for the current academic session along with their complete solutions are provided.


Table of Content:-
  •  Unit 1 : India and the Contemporary World-II
  •   Chapter 1 : The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  •   Chapter 2 : Nationalism in India
  •   Chapter 3 : The Making of a Global World
  •   Chapter 4 : The Age of Industrialization
  •   Chapter 5 : Print Culture and the Modern World
  • Unit 2 : Contemporary India-II
  •   Chapter 1 : Resources and Development
  •   Chapter 2 : Forest and Wildlife Resources
  •   Chapter 3 : Water Resources
  •   Chapter 4 : Agriculture
  •   Chapter 5 : Minerals and Energy Resources
  •   Chapter 6 : Manufacturing Industries
  •   Chapter 7 : Life Lines of National Economy
  •   Unit 3 : Democratic Politics-II
  •   Chapter 1 : Power Sharing
  •   Chapter 2 : Federalism
  •   Chapter 3 : Democracy and Diversity
  •   Chapter 4 : Gender, Religion and Caste
  •   Chapter 5 : Popular Struggles and Movements
  •   Chapter 6 : Political Parties
  •   Chapter 7 : Outcomes of Democracy
  •   Unit 4 : Understanding Economic Development
  •   Chapter 1 : Development
  •   Chapter 2 : Sectors of the Indian Economy
  •   Chapter 3 : Money and Credit : Role of Money in an Economy
  •   Chapter 4 : Globalisation and the Indian Economy
  •   Chapter 5 : Consumer Rights
  •   Practice Papers 1-3
ISBN11 9789389971491
Author MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
Edition 2020-21
Pages 456
Classes Class 10
Exams School Books
Subjects Social Studies
Weight 780gm


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