Environmental Studies For Smarter Life- Class 5


The book is based on latest NCERT syllabus and NCF 2005. It comprises of age appropriate, child-friendly content with Interactive Character Kiara that helps to retain the concepts. Info bits, Amazing Facts and Words of Wisdom will enable the students grab important updates and values. The book is well-versed with Activity Time, Fun Time and Project Time. Recap of the chapter is also provided. Questions in Think Tank and Life Skills enhance Interpersonal Skills and High Order Thinking Skills.

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Environmental Studies for Smarter Life is a series of books for class 1 to 5. Stirctly following the NCERT syllabus these books are a source of encouragement and motivation for the young learners. This series is created by In-house MTG editorial board with some of the best teachers, renowned faculty and gold medallists, who have years of expertise and acumen in their fields of subjects, to prepare practice exercises for the young learners.


Special features of the books:

Age appropriate, child friendly, simple language accompanied with attractive illustrations.

Words of Wisdom to enhance moral values and make learners aware of their culture

Interactive Approach in the form of Kiara asks and Activity time to help retain concepts

Info bits and Amazing Facts to let user engross in the chapter

Fun time and Project Time to help all three (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic) learners.

Think Tank and HOTS questions to let learners think outside the box

Life Skills to develop ethical value in young learners

Recap time to reinforce the concepts learnt in the chapter

Table of Content :-
  • 1.  Migration And Family Structure
  • 2.  Dignity Of Labour
  • 3.  Games
  • 4.  Heritage Buildings Of India
  • 5.  Animals : Senses And Behaviours
  • 6.  Protecting Animals
  • 7.  Farmers And Farming
  • 9.  Plants : Growth And Dispersal
  • 10. Food For Plants And Animals
  • 11. Food -Storage And Shortage
  • 12. Our Forests
  • 13. Digestion  Of  Food
  • 14. Breathing In And Out
  • 15. Water
  • 16. Life In Water
  • 17. Spirit Of Adventure
  • 18. Outer Space
  • 19. Natural Disasters
  • 20. Fossil  Fuels
  • 21. Houses  We  Live In
  • 22. Simple  Machines
ISBN11 9789389461268
Author MTG Editorial Board
Edition 2019-20
Pages 164
Classes Class 5
Exams School Books
Subjects Science
Weight 366gm


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