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Seven secrets of Learning Biology Effectively

Seven secrets of Learning Biology Effectively: 
1. Visual Visual Visual - Biology is a visual science, so learn it visually. Use visual tools to visualize the biological structures and processes. MTG Books like Objective Botany, Objective Zoology are especially drafted taking this point in mind.
2. Molecular Level - Keep your chemistry handy. It is a foundation of molecular biology and genetics. Biology breaks down into four levels, molecular, cellular, system and community. Molecular-level understanding will carry your biology deep and far. 
3. Energy - Follow the energy in the biological processes. A good deal of the cellular machinery, anatomy, physiology, and behavior biologists study is devoted to the production or acquisition or conservation or use of energy. Whatever aspect of biology you are studying may involve energy either directly or indirectly. 
4. Language of Biology - Biologists use Greek- or Latin-derived terms you have never heard. Language of biology is not your everyday language. It may seem as if you entered a foreign country when you study biology, with a language that initially seems impenetrable. To succeed you must learn and practice the terminology of biology. This is the killer instinct without which you will not develop biological sense. Learn to think and speak like a biologist. 
5. One Hour Study - Break up your study of a single subject no more than 60 minutes per session. Remember, divide and conquer. 
6. Cheat Sheets - Create your own review sheets. You will learn a lot in the process. Study them powerfully. Flash cards are of great use. Also, you can prepare your own review sheet. Biology Today offers every month a concept chart having summery of chapter in a very interesting way which is easy to remember. 
7. Memory Keys - Create and apply memory devices for concepts. Mnemonics is a great way to organize and memorize a list of key information.
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