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Share your Success

Congratulations !

Dear IIT/PMT and other Engineering Exam Toppers,

MTG would like you to share your hard earned success with our students by sending us the following questionnaire duly filled with explanatory answers (on separate sheets). Kindly let us know your frank opinion on the following:

1. Why did you appear for Engineering/Medical Entrance?
2. What exams you have appeared for and what is your rank in these exams?
3. How many hours in a day did you study to prepare for the examination?
4. On which topic and chapters you laid more stress in each subject?
5. How much time does one require for serious preparation for this exam?
6. Any extra coaching?
7. Which subjects/Topics you were strong/weak at?
8. Which Books/Magazines you read?
9. In your words what are the components of an ideal preparation plan?
10. What role did the following play in your success:
  (a) Parents    (b)  Teachers  (c) School
11. Your family background?
12. What mistake you think you shouldn’t have made?
13. How have MTG magazines helped you in your preparation? 
14. Considering other hot careers today, for e.g. Biotechnology etc., why did you still want to be an engineer/doctor.
15. Was this your first attempt?
16. What do you think is the secret of  your success?
17. What do you feel is lacking in our education/examination system? Is the examination system fair to the student?
18. Had you not been selected then what would have been your future plan?
19. What advice would you like to give our readers who are IIT/PMT aspirants?

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