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Tips for Students preparing for PMTs

1. If you really want to be a doctor, develop qualities that are the trademark of a doctor- hard work, determination, consistency and patience.

2. While there is no substitute for hard work, supplementing it with the proper study techniques is easier.

3. Instead of wasting time in gossip, discuss mnemonics, important facts, numerical with friends; it will make memorizing easier.

4. Develop a feeling of healthy competition with your friends. Don’t be jealous of them if they know more. Remember, you are not just competing against them but lakhs of other students.

5. Use stick-ons and write important points for eg. organic chemistry reactions, physical formulae’s and other complicated data & tables in biology on walls of your room.

6. Don’t waste too much time on a question or a topic you can’t understand / solve. It is better to ask them from your teachers.

7. While you are solving mock papers, you may come across questions whose answers you know. Still, jot down the few extra points, mnemonics, other related facts/terms that come to your mind at that time after reading that question so that the next time you come across that same question, you can also glance across the other points you noted down yourself. This ensures easy and fast revision and the probability of missing out on topics while revising is also greatly reduced.

8. Manage time properly. Solve mock test papers and time yourself as you do them. Regular practice of time management by solving practice papers will highly reduce your chances of not being able to complete the paper in the exam or making silly error.

9. Always highlight important points in your text for quick revision. You cannot read the whole text during last time revision.

MTG BOOKS for Medical entrance exams

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