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Topper's Interviews

Shitikanth, 1st Rank in IIT-JEE

I read Mathematics Today, Chemistry Today and Physics For You regularly. These magazines are of immense help as we get a variety of questions, Olympiad problems and very similar test papers to practice.


Tejas M. Suri, 1st Rank in DPMT 2008 

"I am a regular reader of Biology Today, Chemistry Today and Physics For You. These magazines are an excellent source of knowledge. I strengthened my fundamentals by practising the problems and MCQs of various State and National PMTs' Question Papers. I developed immense confidence to face the real test.


Himanshu Kumar, 1st Rank UP CPMT, 284th Rank in BHU (Prelims). 

Topics of Physics For You, Chemistry Today and Biology Today are very helpful and concept clearing. MTG UP-CPMT Explorer is very good, it gives idea about the question paper. This year, many questions are from this explorer.


Harshit Garg, 1st rank in AMU , 1st Rank in UPMT (Uttaranchal), 2nd rank in CMC Ludhiana, 5th rank in CBSE-PMT 

No doubt, Physics For You, Chemistry Today and Biology Today are excellent. Synopsis are very good. Problems of contest like Bio-Genius, Physics-Genius and Chem-Genius are very much helpful in competitive exams. Organic part of chemistry is knowledge boosting.


Anurag Mehta, 1st rank in UGET Manipal, 2nd rank in CBSE-PMT, 3rd rank in CMC (L), 7th rank in BHU (Prelims) 

MTG magazines and books are extremely beneficial to all PMT aspirants. They provide a good and latest collection of MCQs. Through Biology Today, Physics For You and Chemistry Today I grasped the pattern of PMT exams. Toppers interviews motivated me. MTG Explorers like CBSE-PMT, UGET Manipal, AFMC, AIIMS are exceptionally good and are a boon to aspirants. Chapterwise analysis helped me to identify topics on which more time is to be devoted.


Kamirul Islam, 1st rank in WB JEE (Medical) 

Multiple Choice Questions from Physics For You, Chemistry Today and Biology Today are very useful. High Yield Facts published in Biology Today are excellent. MTG’s West Bengal JEE Chapterwise Explorer helped me a lot and it is exactly based on the latest pattern of WB JEE.


Devashish Mukherjee, 4th rank in CBSE-PMT, 4th rank in JIPMER, 3rd rank in WB-JEE 

Physics For You, Chemistry Today and Biology Today are must for PMT aspirants. The Model Test Papers are an immense help and the solved papers of the CBSE-PMT (Pre and Mains) Explorer, AFMC Explorer, AIIMS Explorer are very useful for practice during last few months. It is impossible to get a good rank without MTG products.


Kunal Chandra, 3rd rank in DPMT 

Very typical striking questions from Biology Today, Chemistry Today and Physics For You, last years solved papers from MTG Explorers (DPMT, AIIMS and CBSE-PMT) are very helpful.


Lokesh, 4th rank in DPMT 

MTG Magazines are good. Explorers helped me a lot.


Venkatesh, CBSE Class X Topper

Although I didn’t use MTG magazines for my board exam preparation, I used the work books for the Olympiads. Apart from reading other books of MTG (such as- Interactive Physics, Mathematics Olympiad Problems, Science IQ Challenge, Psychology of Success in IIT-JEE etc.), I am also a subscriber of MTG’s monthly magazines- Mathematics Today, Physics for You and Chemistry Today. All your publications are indeed very helpful. Kudos to the MTG team!


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