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Unlock The Brain Power and Retain 90% of What You Learn

Have you ever wondered why you always forget what you learn in your School lecture? Why you don’t remember the formula in an exam, you learned last night? There is only one reason for it, our Brain can retain only 10 % of what it reads, but it has the capacity to learn up to 90% of what we experience. So, what is the right way of study to retain 90% of it? The answer to all your questions is learning pyramid. Almost all of us waste 90% of our time, resources and learning time, because we don’t understand a simple concept called the Learning Pyramid. The Learning Pyramid was developed way back in the 1960s by the NTL Institute in Bethel, Maine. Here in this blog we will explain you how to Unlock Brain Power and Retain 90% of What You Learn.


To summarize the numbers (which sometimes get cited differently) learners retains approximately:

1. 90% of what they learn when they teach someone else/use immediately.

2. 75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.

3. 50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.

4. 30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration.

5. 20% of what they learn from audio-visual.

6. 10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.


So why do you retain 90% when you teach someone else or when you implement it immediately?

When you try to teach others or implement it, you make mistakes and your brain tries to rectify them by increasing the concentration power. So, it learns to correct the errors and understand the topic deeply. Hence, you will gain 90% of that part with all the possible doubts cleared in your head.


75% When practicing what you learned

When you try to solve problems or start practicing the topic learned. You create an impression of that topic with images in your brain. When the same topic is practiced again and again brains with different problems related with it. Brain creates an image in it and retain 75% of it.


50% When you start group discussion about a topic

Why it is said that group studies are the best ways to learn? Yes, they are, when you get involved in group discussions about a particular topic you came to know about different points, views and methods about it and your brain’s different senses works to learn that. It increases the concentration about that topic with increased visuals and sounds to learn. It creates a complete sequential image which is easy for it to remember and learn. So, always try to discuss the topic with your teacher and classmates to learn it in a better way.


30 % when you see a demonstration

Your brain can learn a sequence of images instead of broken parts. Whenever you learn a topic with clear sequential demonstration. Brain create a complete path of it and increases its chance to learn in a better way. So, always make a sequential pattern for your studies to retain 30 % of it.


20% retention by Audio-Visual

When you learn by watching a video brain’s two sensory organs, eyes and ears work to create a complete and correct sequence out of it. This helps in retaining 20% of what you have watched.


10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.

You will learn only 10% of what you have read. So, whenever you try to learn new topic you forget it fast because the brain can learn only 100 words in one day and it move the rest of the words in temporary storage and delete them all when you sleep. When you read a topic brain tries to learn it. But a topic without much practice, discussion, problem solving and clear visuals will not remain for a longer period in your brain.


The next time you pick up a book or watch a video, remember this. Listening or reading something is just listening or reading. It’s not real learning. Real learning comes from making mistakes. And mistakes come from implementation. And that’s how you Unlock Brain Power and Retain 90% of What You Learn.


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