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Educative Intelligence (NON-VERBAL)
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Educative Intelligence (NON-VERBAL)


799 INR
    ISBN: EP201800356
    Edition: 2019-20
  • Classes: Class 8
  • Exams: Psychometric Test
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Product Description
Educative Intelligence (Non-Verbal), tests the intellectual capacity of a student and help to improve competency with a sum total of 60 questions to be resolved in 30 minutes of time. Students in class 8 and onward with age of 12+ can take the test.
EDUCATIVE INTELLIGENCE (NON-VERBAL) is a psychometric test which is designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension and judgement. The goal of Educative Intelligence tests is to obtain an idea of the person’s intellectual potential. 
After taking the test you will get a report which consist of detailed analysis of each section of the test along with your scores and performance index. The report will tell you what better you can do on your areas of improvement.
The result analysis and the suggestive measures in the report will help you:
1. Know hidden talent/interest
2. Score high in academics
3. Current and Original potential
4. Increase self-confidence, competency
5. Wholistic development

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