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Physics For You Subscription
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Physics For You Subscription

Starting at: Rs.330.00

330 INR
    ISSN: 2468
    Edition: November 2017
    Issues per year: 12
    Pages: 92
  • Shipping Weight: 120gms
  • Classes: Class 11, Class 12
  • Exams: JEE Mains-Advanced, National Medical Ent., Regional Ent. Exams-Med., Regional Ent. Exams-Engg
  • Subjects: Physics



Product Description

To subscribe digital edition please click here : DIGITAL PHYSICS FOR YOU

Class 11
NEET | JEE Essentials: Gravitational 
Exam Prep
Ace Your Way CBSE : Series 5: Mechanical Properties of Fluids | Thermal Properties of matter 
MPP-7: Oscillations
Brain Map- Work & Energy 
Class 12
NEET | JEE Essentials- Optics 
Brain Map: Biot- Savart Law 
Exam Prep- Electromagnetic wave  
Ace Your Way CBSE : Series 6: Dual Nature of matter & Radiation | Atom & Nuclei 
MPP-7: Semiconductor Electronic & Communication System
Competition Edge
Physics Musing Problem Set 52 
JEE Work Outs 
Physics Musing Solution Set 51 
You Ask We Answer 


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