NTSE Explorer (MAT,SAT)


This book helps the students to master the curriculum of NTSE and gain competitive edge in the exam. NTSE Explorer consist of Concise theory with key concepts and fundamentals. Chapter wise MCQs related to MAT & SAT are covered with detailed solutions in the book for better learning.

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NTSE Explorer book is developed to encourage students to master the mandated NTSE curriculum and gain a competitive edge in the examination. It is an endeavour to provide exhaustive coverage of both Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Mental Ability Test (MAT) as befits the higher preparation standards expected of Class 10th students. This book is strictly designed on the latest pattern and syllabus of NTSE.

Salient Features of the book:

  • Concise theory with emphasis on key concepts and fundamentals.
  • Immense collection of stimulating Mental Ability questions (MAT) to sharpen mind.
  • Updated Scholastic Ability Tests (SAT) curriculum including MCQs on Economics.
  • Detailed explanation and solution of unique questions.
  • Easy to understand tables and flow charts.
  • Application oriented numerical.
Table of Content:
  • Solved Paper 2020 -21 (Stage I & II)
  • PART I : Mental ability Test (MAT)
  • Verbal Test : Classification; Problems on Time & Speed, Trains, Boats and Streams; Syllogism; Tests (Number Test, Ranking Test, Time Sequence Test); Alphabet Test; Puzzle Test; Series Completion Test; Direction Sense; Logical Venn Diagrams Test;
  • Arithmetical Reasoning Test; Mathematical Operations; Clocks and Calendars; Blood Relations; Inserting a Missing Character; Logical Sequence of Words; Analytical Reasoning ; Analogy; Coding-Decoding
  • Non-Verbal Test : Classification; Series; Problems on Cubes and Dice; Water Images;
  • Mirror Images; Folding Paper Cutting; Transparent Paper Folding; Analogy; Analytical Reasoning ; Embedded Figures; Incomplete Figures; Dot Fixing Situation; Formation of Figure Analysis
  • PHYSICS : Motion; Gravitation; Force and Pressure; Work & Energy; Specific Heat & Heating Effects of Electric Current; Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Current; Electricity and Chemical Effect of Electric Current; Wave Motion and Sound;
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light; Universe.
  • Chemistry: Matter; Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding and Reactions; Fuels, Combustion and Flame; Carbon and Its Compounds; Acids, Bases and Salts; Man-Made Materials; Metals and Non-Metals; Pollution and Waste Water Management.
  • Biology : Cells and Tissues; Diversity in Living Organisms; Soil, Crop Production and Management; Human Health and Diseases ; Nutrition and Digestion; Respiration and Transport; Excretion and Locomotion; Control and Coordination; Reproduction, Heredity and Evolution
  • History : Ancient India; Medieval India; Modern India; World History.
  • Civics: Indian Constitutions and Democracy; Government at the Centre and the State; Indian Judiciary; Planning Commission & Panchayati Raj.
  • Geography : General Geography; Indian Geography; World Geography
  • Economcs : Indian Economy
  • Mathematics : Number System; Algebra; Commercial Mathematics; Problems on Ratios, Proportion, Time & Work and Pipes & Cisterns; Geometry; Coordinate Geometry; Trigonometry; Mensuration; Permutations & Combinations,Statistics and Probability
ISBN11 9789390931033
Author Er. Sonia Lal
Edition 2021-22
Pages 896
Classes Class 10
Exams NTSE
Weight 1320gm


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